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Who we are

We are the ones who will try to keep your wallet fat

About Zwappis

Swap services for items and vice versa!

Seeing that many people have items that are not useful for them anymore, we knew that these items could be useful for others. Thus we decided to give an opportunity to swap. We decided to play a leading role in this fantastic idea. And the best part? You can swap items for services!

Vision and Mission

Having people in mind

Simply use Zwappis to save money, to help the community and to help environment by giving items a new life!

How Zwappis Works

A website for swapping items & services

Search per item or service you would like to receive and see the owners would be interested to exchange with anything you have to offer!

The Benefits

Use Zwappis and Save Money

Expanding our Zwappis community worldwide by enriching market and gaining people's trust.

Our idea is almost ready to launch!

Do you like it? Let us know and get a chance to WIN a flat screen TV!!!

People's Words


Betty Thomson

Post Office Employee at Royal Post - London, UK

It’s a small step towards the right direction of home economy.

Marcos Michael

Hotel service - Perrugia, Italy

Something that will surely work at these difficult times.. Definitely useful.

Larisa Parshukova

Clinic Nurse - Rostov, Russia

Fantastic idea saving money and time!

Ingvar Larson

Assistant Manager at Softcom - Stockholm, Sweden

Swapping items is a long tradition that is waking up again… I think that people will understand soon that they have a lot to benefit.

Contact Details

Let's talk for further information. We will answer within 48 hours.